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When you have a cleaning Service

You don’t clean your house by yourself? Lucky you! If you have a weekly, biweekly, or monthly cleaning service, put them to work doing the things that you don’t like to do. Bathrooms and washing floors not your forte? Have your service take care of the hard-to-clean areas or do the deep cleaning.

If you have longed for a cleaning routine and a little more structure in your homekeeping, you’re not alone. Most of crave some type of structure and sometimes it’s just nice to know that bathrooms will get cleaned each week. Or maybe you’ve tried a handful of cleaning routines and none of them worked when life happened and someone got sick, or you were at work all day and just didn’t feel like cleaning, or you were going to clean the fridge when you got home from work but another mess took priority. Maid for LA is here to help you!


Work from the top down and quickly go through the house dusting all the hard surfaces, staircases and railings, TVs and furniture. If you have extra-time, add a deep-clean dusting with polish or fit in rotating cleaning tasks like dusting light fixtures or ceiling fans. Only keep out things that we love and need. If it just collects dust, it’s not worth moving every week to dust under it. Uncluttered surfaces make dusting so much easier. If you look around and think, I though I just dusted this? Dust weekly and you’ll spend less time dusting and you won’t be playing the while glove game.


Move quickly-start on the second floor with the room that’s the farthest away from the stairs. If you have a one-level home, start at the corner farthest from the front door. Vacuum bedrooms, bathrooms, hallways, and stairs. The main goal of dusting is to get the dust and dirt out of your home by doing a thorough job once a week. Vacuum in between as needed, but a weekly session ensures that all the dust and pet hair is picked up and the floors are ready for washing.

Floor wash

I recommend using floor tools that have removable microfiber mop heads or pads. If you like making your own cleaners or want to choose what goes in your floor cleaner, choose one with a refillable tank. What/s the best way to wash hard-surface floors? Start at the farthest corner in the room and wash them left to right until you wash yourself out of the room. Rinse your mop head or microfiber pad frequently to avoid streaking and dullness. Use your favorite tools and floor cleaning products and work as quickly as you can to wash your floors. Working quickly and efficiently you’ll find that you’re able o get this often dreaded task done weekly.


Start with your mirrors. Next move on to your sink, toilet, bathtub or shower and liberally spray with your favorite disinfecting cleaners. Scrub the toilet. Don’t vacuum or wash the floors in your bathrooms when you clean them0save that for when you vacuum floors and wash floors later in the week. This is time saving and more efficient over the course of the week. If you feel like you have just have to wash them to feel like your bathroom is clean, and you have the time, by all means wash them.


The pile of laundry staring you down? Take today to wash and fold everything and put it all away. Laundry in its incomplete state can be overwhelming and can definitely give your home a cluttered look and feel even if it’s in a pile on the bedroom floor. While each load is washing and drying, fold, hang, and out away each and every load as soon as it comes out of the dryer. Once you have finished with all your washing, put your washer on a clean cycle or simply run it with the hottest water setting.