This Cleaning Service Will Leave Your Los Angeles Office Shining

Baseboards, switch plates, and doors. Every office has them, yet, surprisingly, many offices forget to include this service in their cleaning routine. Here’s how this office cleaning service will leave your office in Los Angeles shining.

How This Cleaning Service is Done

The process to clean the doors and switch plates are similar. A professional will use a yellow dust sheet or cloth to take off all the dirt and dust in your office in Los Angeles. Then, with a rag dipped in hot water and a cleaning disinfectant, the professional would wipe off the door before using a dry rag to wipe away any streaks left behind. 

For the baseboards, instead of using a yellow dust sheet, the professional would use a backpack vacuum to get rid of all the dust before using a rag dipped in hot water and a cleaning disinfectant. 

The Result

Cleaning the doors, baseboards, and switch plates gives that extra oomph to your Los Angeles office. Clean baseboards and switch plates makes your floors shine like the sun. And a clean entrance door makes a strong first impression, making your employees and customers feel at ease before they even enter the office. 

Why Wait?

Call your cleaning company or book with us to clean your baseboards, switch plates, and doors, the one office cleaning service in Los Angeles you need to make your workplace shine!