At Maid for LA, we believe that getting commercial cleaning services is also a way of investing in your business. A clean and hygienic workplace not only keeps your employees healthy and productive but also ensures a positive first impression with your customers. Let us help you bring back the pristine condition of your property with our cleaning services. Free commercial cleaning quote


What We Can Do for Your Commercial Property

We offer a wide range of commercial cleaning services for business Los Angeles properties. These include:

  • Office Cleaning
  • Commercial Cleaning
  • Post-Construction Clean-Up
    • Removal of debris from building, cabinets, and closets
    • Cleaning and removal of stickers from windows and mirrors
    • Cleaning and polishing of entry handles, sills, and doorplates
    • Dusting and cleaning of baseboards
    • Paint removal from counters and flooring
    • Vacuuming of carpets
    • Sweeping, dusting, and mopping of floors
    • Bathroom cleaning
    • Removal of labels on appliances and polishing of fixtures
  • Event or Party Cleaning
  • AirBnB Cleaning
  • Janitorial Services
  • Carpet Cleaning (The Five Star Carpet Cleaning Method)
    • Vacuuming of all debris
    • Spot cleaning
    • Pre-spraying all high traffic areas
    • Steam cleaning
    • Protection using scotchguard
  • Property Disinfecting
  • Deep Cleaning
  • Floor Stripping and Waxing
    • Floor machine buffing
    • Several waxing coats
    • Stripping the floor
    • Hardwood floor care
    • Special floor (marble, stone, etc.) care

These services can be scheduled according to your needs. You can enjoy our cleaning solutions weekly, bi-weekly, or monthly.

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Enjoy Our Exceptional Office Cleaning Services

We understand how hard it is to keep up with your usual office tasks while also maintaining a clean and healthy area for your staff. Let us handle the cleaning of your property so you can have more time to focus on your business. You can trust our team to make sure your office is neat and clean. You can rely on us to:

  • Empty all trash receptacles
  • Clean and sanitize restroom fixtures
  • Dust and polish furniture as needed
  • Dust window blinds and horizontal surfaces on a regular basis
  • Vacuum all carpeting and spot clean as needed
  • Sweep and mop any tile or hard flooring
  • Clean entrance door glass and any interior glass
  • Clean kitchen or break room fixtures and appliances
  • Dust air vents and returns, along with ceiling fans on a regular basis

Aside from this, we know that every office is unique. This is why we offer services tailored to meet the needs of your property.

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Customized Office Cleaning Packages

We provide prompt, reliable, and cost-effective janitorial and commercial cleaning services that are customized to fit each clients’ unique needs. Our team uses only the finest safe cleaning products and powerful equipment to keep your workplace bright and clean.

Offering Janitorial Services for Your Workplace

At our company, the members of our janitorial staff are well-trained and qualified professionals under a regular supervision system. This is to ensure customer satisfaction and personal service. Our dedication to guaranteeing the quality of our staff helps us remain one of the most trusted cleaning companies in Los Angeles.

Office Cleaners You Can Trust

We understand that it might be difficult to hire someone to clean inside your workplace. That is why all the cleaners we assign to commercial properties are specially trained for office cleaning jobs only. You can be confident that they get the job done perfectly and make your office spotless.

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Benefits of Our Cleaning Services

In addition to the advantages to your staff and the overall look of your property, our commercial cleaning services can bring other benefits to your business. By having your workplace professionally cleaned, you are guaranteed against regulatory risk. Moreover, a well-maintained office can extend the lifespan of your equipment and facilities as well.


Protect Your Workplace From Coronavirus

Our team is here for you and your business during these unprecedented and difficult times. With the emergence of COVID-19, proper sanitation has become crucial. Our reliable cleaners are trained and ready to disinfect your property using the most advanced measures laid out by the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC).


Commercial Cleaning With High‑Quality Items

Our commercial cleaners use efficient, environmentally friendly cleaning solutions that kill a wide range of germs and bacteria. Besides, we also utilize high-quality antibacterial mops and cloths to remove dust and kill germs from different surfaces on your property.


Properties We Can Disinfect

Our excellent team of professional commercial cleaners can handle the scrubbing and sanitizing of a number of properties. These include:

  • Warehouses
  • Business Offices
  • Commercial Buildings
  • Resort Properties
  • Schools and Universities
  • Fitness Centers
  • Libraries and Public Offices
  • Homes

You can rely on our commercial cleaning crew to disinfect your space, limiting the possibilities for the virus to spread. The products we use are safe and will not affect your equipment.


Our Disinfection Process

Using an electrostatic sprayer, our team will follow a predetermined checklist that is aligned with the CDC recommendations and guidelines. We always recommend our clients to use our services as a proactive measure, which many of our past customers have already done.


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